Greetings my friends, I got all the Rhode Island and Pixi Runner packages ordered to the printer, so within the oncoming weeks these lovely swans and storks shall be squatting on your squads, 

While you wait, I just got 25 LTD books unfrozen, as I had put them aside for a store that is now feeling the current Biden crunch, so I relieved him of the debt and have put these babies back on the Kickstarter market,

First up of the stash of 25 is the last 14 of the American Safari : MISSOURI EDITION -- SHARPSHOOTER LTD Variant Cover, which is serially numbered and coated in Lava Holofoil,

Numbers 137--150 have made their way back to the market, and of course available in the ADD-ON Section,

As for the final Eleven of the stack of 25 -- we have the final SILVER HOLOFOIL LTD 100 Variants of the Baroness NUDE --

Add these bitches to your wall today, and start plotting your path towards world domination,



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