Happy Humps you humps, I got my ass kicked in co-ed softball last night, and I hate playing this fuckin team, I swear, with the playoffs coming up next week, I'm thinking of serving them some spiked beers :)

IN IT TO WIN IT, Don;t fuckin judge me, 

So onto new business, Jose finished the Silence of the Rams Cover last night, so it is off to the colorist, who is almost done with the Lady Charger Vs Master Chief Cover.  The inks are done on the Fire & Ice Poster, just waiting on the colors from my man in Brazil, 

Pixi Runner and Kansas Packages should be coming from my printer most likely this Friday, the latest Monday, as always you will be updated here when they arrive on my doorstep.

As for now, onto new business, the next Kickstarter for this final month of Summer,

Time to do a sequel to Happy Harley Days, preferably titled Happy Harley Days 2 : HARLEY's ANGELS -- featuring a 70s style inspired cover with Diana, Harley & Selina,

My cover variant for the Emerald City Comic Con trip will be called THE JOLLY GREEN GIGANTA, as she straddles the SPACE NEEDLE -- QUEEN KONG STYLE!!

As for the posters, Poster one will be Mary Marvel & Jace on a SPACE GHOST RIDER,

As for Poster Two look down below, as I did a sequel to the SUE STORM FANTASTIC FOUR piece where she becomes the new THUNDER GODDESS,

Now check out my tribute to Fantastic Four 24 and 25, the battle between THING Vs HULK, with Sue Storm, Thing//Korg and She-Hulk//Valkyrie

Happy Shopping,




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