The Steel Bikini Kickstarter is in full swing and I've got a bad back -- Good God, I can't stand the bloody irony,

So while I blast some Steely Dan (just bought tickets to the Eagles//Dan tour at the Hard Rock bitches) here is the latest updates from the color department,

We've got your 3 layers of Leia right here -- for any of those confused -- the Mainstream is the Sith Leia Mature and we have the NUDE & FULL BIKINI available in the Add-On section,

This may be the quickest all the LTDs go out the door, I may even have to tell the stores to fuck off and put up their stash on the old campaign,

Ahh Capitalism, plus True Believers, I have another Slave Leia Cover coming in the form of Miss Ivy, everyone's favorite eco-terrorist,

Happy Hunting,



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