Happy Tuesday you titty twisters, the NBA tips off tonight so I'll be trying to talk roundball faster then you can say confused Caucasian,

While I wobble wobble, take a gander at the finished colors for the Faro's Lounge Sui-Cycle Special, and with it's finish and 16 full color Sui-Cycle Collection shots, I'll be adding some sketches from the next generation of topless chopper pieces, as Hique has resurfaced after being MIA for months,

After dealing with the loss of his father, Hique took some time off and is back with a fiery artistic passion, which you will see when I put up next month's first new Sui-Cycle Special -- Ahsoka & Leia on a Vader Chopper,

Until then, enjoy these lovely ladies on a Bike of Bones, add $25 to your current pledge to get this baby added to your package,

As for the latest commission, well you knew we had to get Gal in the Steel Bikini, now if we can just get the damn thing off her in time for the next commission,

For those of you still shopping, I added an AMAZON AHSOKA to my commissions list,

Happy Hunting,




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