Happy Saturday my friends, it's Spring Break at my residence all bloody month, and I'm rapidly turning into the grumpy old man in a resort filled with coeds, ready to show "Damn you kids!!" while pissing in the pool from the 20th floor,

Ahh, memories,

So I just put in the order for the Slave Leia Books and the West Virginia Kickstarter, so I will let you all know once they arrive,

In the meantime, I just send out the Google Drive Link to the SLAVE LEIA SPECTACULAR 1 Digital Download -- and before you ask, yes I included all of the Variant Covers in the back of the gallery,

32 pages of Full Color Madness,

And for those of you who missed out on the books, I have put the SITH LEIA MATURE, SITH LEIA FULL NUDE LTD 150 (30 left) and the SITH LEIA COVERED STEEL BIKINI LTD 50 (11 left)

Happy Hunting True Believers,




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