As a fan of comics and fantasy art, I thought we hit the wall of hateful, punchable actresses when we infested with the virus that was Brie Larsen and her all man bosses are evil Nissan commercials,

But then I discovered Rachel Zeggler, 

Wow, the new Snow White is a cunt!

So I already hired a new artist and his first assignment is a Slave Leia Steel Bikini Snow White that I truthfully hope gets to and annoys this smug twat playing the part, but as for now, let's exploit some Barbie shall we,

So we have the Steel Bikini Update, and this will be the one that will have the "Normal" Color finish, the classic pink and white gold mix on the bikini and gun metal on the bomb,

As for the Barbenheimer Variant, I am currently playing around with the color scheme as I want it to look like she is just blasted with Radioactive Jizz, a welcome into the divisive world that is Mainstream Movies,

Hollywood needs to crumble and we need to open a new Movie Captial in Miami,

But maybe I'm just biased,

As for some new developments,

One of my longtime art backers had to drop out of his pledge due to Bidenomics, so the ROBO-CHOPPER OG ART is back up for grabs, which features the topless ALOY & BAYONETTA

To up the ante, whoever ends up pledging and holding this treasure gets an added bonus -- my LAST SIGNED COPY of the JESSICA RABBIT HOLODAY HOLOFOIL SPECIAL,

Happy Shopping, those babies SOLD OUT faster than ROBERT KIRKMAN!!!!



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