Ok, my friends it's crunch time.  With all production teams running and Fantasy Football Season about to start with Training Camps opening up this week, this will be my last remaining hours of non stop cannabis consumption as I need to get my brain ready for Freddy,

If I come off bitter and miserable this week, I promise it's just the withdrawal, I've been a pothead every day for the last 13 years so I'm quitting till I take down the Million Dollar Game on Draftkings, 

I tied last year, and came way too close too many times to know, it's not about doing the same thing,

It's about getting smarter,

Here's to change, here's to fantasy living making fantasy art,

Check out the update for the Zeldara 3 Superhero Strip Poker Variant Cover, I believe we will only be doing 250 of these babies, with about 75 left on the docket,

Available in the Add-On Section, as soon as this baby is colored I'll have the Zeldara books sent off to the printer,

Grab yours now, featuring the 24 page Zeldara chapter, along with a 40 page Photo Shoot featuring the naughty day that inspired the Cover,




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