Happy Hump Day my friends, now I wish I had someone to hump, well at least someone I didn't have to pay and drive an hour and a half in traffic to Miami in the middle of a rains---ugh I'm getting off topic here,

I won a cool $1,000 playing some Fantasy Baseball last night (Love you Evan Longoria & Pablo Sandoval) -- so I'm feeling good,

I'm feeling so good, I have decided to move up this little morsel of artistic goodness up a month,

While we have that gorgeous Superhero Strip Poker Semi Final piece up above, my man Joey Mojo over at BooKoo Comix in AZ wanted to change the background on his now SOLD OUT Jessica Rabbit Venomized Covers,

My man Jose Varese decided to go a different route,

Not one to rehash unless it's corn beef hash, Jose said fuck the background, I'm changing it from Venom to CARNAGE,

So his innovation is our gain, and definitely enough to jack us over this mid month Kickstarter Plateau,

As always you know how I love my $33 specials, so for $33 added to your Kickstarter pledge, you get JESSICA RABBIT CARNAGIZED both COVERED & BAZOOKA Versions, Toploader and all, and covered in just enough of that Carnage goo to make you say Woody Harrelson while you choke yourself in the closet in a Batgirl nightie,

Now I'm off to see how quickly I can put this $1000 back in the hands of those bastards at Draftkings,

NFL Opening night is only 22 days away, will you join me in the Million Dollar Club, well I guess we'd have to split it if you use my lineups, in that case I will have to eliminate you, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ok sorry,

Until that day arrives, enjoy your freedom punk,




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