Happy Memorial Day Wknd, to all my working brothers, sisters, aliens and selected cults of freaks, I hope the next few days are filled with the grilled delights of assorted meats and cheeses,

So now that I've kissed your ass, let's talk about the best part of producing your own comic book,

Satirizing your best pals,

Since making comics can't always be about strippers, cannabis and bulldogs, sometimes it's nice to look back to a time when i was a recently reformed criminal, newly broke with just a bulldog in tow, and not one goddamn person would give me a job,

Except Keith Kenney,

Memorial Day wknd 10 years ago, I showed up at his gym, having not seen him for 10 years, but always keeping in touch through text and email,

I don't what came over me, it could've been the FBI and IRS destroyed my name and finances, and that my so called friends in DC considered me a liability to help get a job but were more than happy to use me to get them weed, but hey now its fuckin legal,

I was depressed, but i had to keep strong because I had a dog to take care of, not to mention a bulldog my psychopathic madam of an ex wife kept threatening to steal because she knew it was the only thing on this planet i loved more than her,

The inspiration behind Majesty,

My mistress had left permanently for New York, the inspiration behind Summer, so I had this idea of trying to hide out in the one place no one would ever expect to find me,

My old college town of New Paltz, NY,

While everyone else hid and made excuses, Keith didn't flinch -- we went right back into our old routine and he gave me a job at his gym wo question,

For a year I made minimum wage and carried around water coolers while listening to coeds gossip about the old guy --- which was fun until i found out i was the old guy,

But Keith never let me feel like a loser, he even volunteered to put me up in his house, a man with a wife and a baby on the way,

I stayed in my little shithole on South Chestnut Street and when i wasnt working i was hanging out with my dog, and working on my first comic book,

I think about living in that cold shit hole, promising my dog every day that I would get my old glory back, whatever the hell that meant,

Its years later and I'm chilling in my cute little studio by the beach,

I look to my left and I see a bulldog puppy, and she looks just like the last one,

I got my best pal back,

The best part of being a writer, is the proof that you can manifest your own fantasy, then spend a lifetime obsessing over making them come true,

Here's to best pals,

Here's to Memorial Day,


And with that said, here's your Memorial Day gift,

This is COVER ONE of the IOWA Double Storm Covers,

Sue Storm with the classic black and white Venom Symbiote,

Up next will be Miss Storm with a special Faro's Lounge Baby Blue Symbiote,

And we ain't just changing the colors, go back to the Coffin if you want a boring variant,

$22 to add the Black or Blue Sue to your pledge package, an even $40 for the pair,

Stay tuned True Believers,




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