Softball season just started back up here in South Florida, and already my old out of shape ass has plantar fasciitis from running one out to first,

Ugh why must the body constantly remind me that I smoke too much cannabis other then my knees and feet making noises like a freshly molested slot machine,

So while I heal, the Pixi Runner 3 packages have all been sent, and the Nebraskas are hitting the printer this week now that the interiors are finished,

So while you wait check out these fresh deliveries from Master Varese, there are 14 Super Bowl LTDs left as of this email, and I believe there are 10 Pensacon Paradox books left, featuring the Scoobie Gals on Spring Break,

And speaking of Scoobies, check out the first sketches from this year's Anti Valentine's Cover, featuring a nice little visit to Gilligan's Island and the perfect solution to all the overcrowding on that Isle!

Happy Shopping,



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