I bowled so badly tonight that I almost didn't want to blog out of sheer embarrassment that a grown man who broken the 200 barrier can possibly bowl that bad while he was trying, let alone someone who might be armless and pushing a ball down a ramp with his junk,

I was so angry, I threw a signature Faro temper tantrum and more than likely would've been thrown out of the league had others not appreciated my anger due to them throwing similar tantrums that night or the week previous,

There's nothing worse then when people tell you to just have fun and hang in there,

There's I fuckin hate more than a hang in there or just have fun speech,

Whether bowling, fantasy football, selling art posters to stores, running a Kickstarter or trying to fuck the bartender, you always want to fucking win,

You don't want to hear about the pitcher who had a bad game and will get em next time, I want to hear about Justin Verlander tossing 16 Ks then plowing Kate Upton with a baseball bat till she screams "Sign with the fucking Mets already"

Winning at any form of competition sets forth a tone of momentum, momentum I want to take into my business the next morning when I'm trying to dominate the comic book and art world,

So I hate feeling like a fucking loser,

I get it, tomorrow is a new day, but how can we transition to the next day and pretend that we still have the ability to not only get back in the game, to stop fucking placing in the tournament and fight the disease of mediocrity,

I feel it must begin before it ends -- AT NIGHT,

My first instinct was to go home and finish binge watching The Punisher, puff my pen and punch the old clown,

But then that sounded about as exciting as watching Big Bang Theory with a chord around my throat as I read what the writers get paid to shovel that drivel,

So I turned the Faromobile back on and headed back down to the bar, determined to force upon my new rule,

The night does not end until I go to sleep happy,

It doesn't matter if you have work early in the morning, if you go to bed angry, you can sleep for 12 hours and you're still going to wake up pissed, so I was going to hit the bar, have one of those tea cocktails, and listen to the sounds of young people being young and stupid until I felt my grumpy lips smile,

Then I was invited to sample something that tasted like Grape Kool-Aid and next you know I was seated at the bar writing this blog, telling you to check out the newest Faro Kickstarter because we just hit 100 backers and scraping at the 300% mark, 



Psylocke and Silk playing Superhero Strip Poker


So now that I'm back in a good mood, check out the latest Strip Poker Masterpiece from Master Varese, 

Happy to report that the rest of the PARIS Packages went out today, so that Kickstarter is officially closed,

I had to order more CALIPORNA books, but thankfully all the OHIO & ARIZONA books will be going out so I look forward to your reviews and shoes, if you want to send them to me,

Now that Venom V  Flash is sold I have these two babies on my mantle waiting to be claimed,

As always they are available on Kickstarter or immediately on Paypal for all you Lynda Carter and ZELDARA fans (the chick with the 3 tits for all you newbies)

The ASIAN STRIP POKER will be available in the gallery as soon as the original goes out to the owner, as always check out the ever increasing art and comic goodness at our main hub



Rachel Rain vs Zeldara the Mistress of Mars


Wonder Woman & Deadpool in The Lasso of OOF


On to the Action Comics Review -- issue # 5 and wow this is where they got the whole plot line for the climax of the classic Christopher Reeve film SUPERMAN THE MOVIE,

The whole scene where Lois is driving out west and a dam breaks and basically drowns her in the aqua rush,

I always love discovering little mysteries of the movies origin stories, especially when you discover them so deep in the story lore,

Watching the old George Reeves episodes of Superman, I always waiting to see something pulled from the source material of Action Comics but alas, it was a lot of hullabaloo and people saying weird 50s shit like LAND SAKES CLARK,

So this story has a scene where Clark is fired by his boss at The Daily Star for missing out on a story, and it annoyed me like Clark constantly takes shit from Lois and his unnamed not yet Perry White of a boss,

I get the secret identity issue, but seeing how Superman smacks the shit out of criminals and literally once threw a San Monte soldier into the distance like a javelin,

So why does he suddenly clam up around his boss, mind you this is 1930s writing and it's mostly cold, quick and contained inside of a single issue but once I want to see Clark smash someone just for shits and giggles,

But alas, there wasn't much to draw from this issue, except the favored nostalgia from seeing some source material from the first Superman movie played out on the pages of a classic tale,

But we have a mission, I promised that as a committed world builder determined to take over DC, then I looked to the cover of Action Comics 5, which has a shot from another featured story in the classic anthology series,

It has a Lawrence of Arabia feel and it gave me the inspiration to write the 1st line in this new story I'm building,


I love being a writer, and thanks for allowing me to continue to entertain you, check out my new Kicks & Clocks, which is what I'm thinking about changing the name of my store to,

Stay Tuned True Believers,



Action Comics 5 Cover

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