So I'm sitting around in my Afro and Avengers pajamas, feeling a combination of satisfaction from having finished the Faro Fall 1867 script and sent it off to Savy in Jacksonville,

Then I have 6 more pages coming in from Pixi Runner, so I can get a jump on the production before next month's Kickstarter,

And yet I am feeling creatively empty and just can;t get anything going on the page,

No good hookers are around, and I have already watched every episode of Dark Side of the Ring and just got my bombshell of a revelation on the life of Jimmy Snuka, who was my favorite wrestler back in the day, 

Anyway, I'm feeling like crap and then all of a sudden I get the ping on my phone and the latest updates from my man in Brazil Hique and my man in Miami Jose Varese,

Up top we have a future poster in the archives as this is a TERI HATCHER LOIS LANE Tribute alongside SUPERGIRL for another Faro's Sui-Cycle Series Entry,

Down below is the latest update to this month's pinup posters,

SUE STORM as MALICE for the naughty version and of course, if you want to see the kitty and nip piercings, then all ya gotta do is click the link,

Until then True Believers,



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