Happy Thursday my friends, some quick updates,

All Missouris have been ordered from the printer and will begin shipping in the next week to two weeks,

Look forward to getting that first Kickstarter in ahead of schedule, don't get fuckin used to it though :)

So after totaling up orders and filling the drops and pops, we have a total of SIX Steel Bikini Marge LTD 50 -- THIRTEEN of the ALL NATURAL LTD 89 (I did 89 to celebrate the debut year of THE SIMPSONS)

And finally out of the 150 LTD Sharpshooters we have 25 left -- I decided to have them laced with LAVA HOLOFOIL -- should really give a nice explosion type scheme when the covers bends against the light,

All OPTIONS are available in the Kickstarter Add-On Section,

Happy Shopping True Believers,






  • Greg Lee said:

    Any Bikini Marge’s left for sale?

    September 18, 2023

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