The Joker movie is on the horizon, and we're all excited, nervous and slightly disturbed as we wait to see if DC figured this shit out.

So let's not waste too many words and get into this, sorry about the delays on the Dirty Disney Art Book, my graphic design was recently promoted and it looks like I will have to hunt for a new guy once he takes his final bow, so while I am happy for him,  I want to break his new fuckin bosses kneecaps for selfishly fucking up my production line,

That being said, OCTOBER 1st will be the finish date for Dirty Disney, with it going straight to the printer that night and then two weeks from printer to me and another week from me to you,

October shall be reigning Faro's Lounge, as I already have Mr Emil Cabaltierra working on the New Jersey Cover for Faro's American Safari,

The theme for both Jersey and Halloween, why Camp Crystal Lake of course, staring everyone's favorite Summer Party Pooper JASON VOORHEES, as he will go mask to flasks with the Magical Mystery Gang of Daphne, Velma, Scooby, and perhaps what's left of Fred and Shaggy,

Look forward to seeing you back, enjoy today's featured commissions, and don't forget to grab your copy of Faro's American Safari New York Edition,



Nightmare Before Harley-Mas

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