Happy after 4th my friends -- nothing like a grand holiday to get annoyed by celebrities trying to make anti-4th posts and the wanna be fans who rehash them.

Ugh, we need some boobs to remember when this business was fun,

So, Pixi Runner 4 Books are ready to go, as I have received the finished colors for the 4 X-Horsewomen Cover, and it's glorious,

I have the rest of the Giganta Posters arriving via UPS today, so I'll have the rest of the Louisiana Packages going out this week,

The Colombia Comic Con Cover is finished, and the Original Art is still up for grabs, so I'm just waiting on the finished Kansas OZ-DC Cover, so I will get the Pixi Runner 4 and Kansas Books and Posters Printed, Packaged and Shipped together.

So out with the old and in with the new, it's July so it's time for annual Faro's Lounge Fantasy Football Fable, which will have Covers for the OPENING NIGHT game between the RAMS & BILLS as well as a cover celebrating the AMAZON TAKEOVER of NFL Thursday Night Football with a very special CHARGERS Vs CHIEFS Cover, featuring LADY THOR Breaking MASTER CHIEF DIANA MATURE BANE Style over the HAMMER!!!!!

Come and get it boys and gals and alien pals, and whoever grabs the OG Art for the Colombia Comic Con will get an extra special piece of Interior Art with their purchase, as will the other OG Pickups,

Our two featured Posters this month will be two new entries into our SUICYCLE SERIES!

First up will be CHEETARA & PUMYRA on a THUNDER-CYCLE,

Following that will be the first in my new Brave & the Bold line, featuring FIRE & ICE on a BOOSTER BUSTER,

Happy Shopping,




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