Happy Thursday my friends, and here's hoping Geno Smith and the fn Seahawks show up tonight so I don't have to crapped out of my lineups before halftime and forced to indulge my sorrows at a brothel,

I am getting on a plane to Sao Paulo tmw to attend the big CCXP show -- South America's version of San Diego Comic Con -- and I'm not leaving without an army of Jose Varese clones on my roster,

I have to prebook some Ubers and start putting some pre typed phrases in my phone --

Such as -- 

I love your work -- What are your commission rates and availability -- Do you draw matures?  Can you do likenesses -- Where is the nearest brothel????

So while I prep my Bulldog for the Doggie Hotel take a gander at these new Harley Commissions fresh from Manila, 

We almost have enough to put out a new Harley Collection Book -- So I believe there will be a Yakuza Harley and perhaps a Slave Leia Harley Cover coming from the sweatsh---I mean production line,

Up top is my Dark Knight Returns Harley and down below is the Smurf Harley

Both those babies are gone -- but I did just list two new ones -

Happy Hunting,




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