Happy Taco Tuesday you Bloody Cakeholes, 

News from the front lines,

All Nevada Books have arrived to Faro's Lounge HQ in Beautiful Downtown Fort Lauderdale, so I shall be packing and shipping all this week, before a tumbling stack of toploaders turns me into a hoarding case,

All Pixi Runner 2 pages have been Penciled & Inked by Emil Cabaltierra, and he will now go and do his stack of Blank Cover Commissions before moving on to Pixi Runner 3 -- What a life Baby,

We even have Zeldara 3 almost finished with production and our lovely amateur cosplay Superhero Strip Poker Shoot, but that will be the May Kickstarter,

Jose Varese is back at work and finishing the inks on the Pixi Covers, and he will be putting up a sketch for this month's featured poster,

Speaking of which, time for our next Kickstarter,

Because we never rest as long as Cancel Culture has corroded Hollywood, and now we hear that Lola Bunny will be de-sexualized and Pepe LePew will be erased from Existence,

And meanwhile, they are building skyscrapers and space stations in China,

Start learning a new language now, because our Empire may be going down like a Civilization Game,

But until it does, I will continue to chase that whirlwind we call The American Dream,

And here's your first poster for this month's combo,


See you on the other side True Believers,




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