They say great imagination comes from curious living, and I am the true Court Jester of the field,

These Yakuza Covers started over my obsession with spending naughty time with ladies covered in ink, as I truly believe demons and angels are sending me secret messages in the body art,

Of course, I'm slightly fuckin insane so don't always go by me :)

As any purveyor of Rare & Exotic Art Acquisitions, it's easy to get lost in cliched terms and constantly stating that this is our best cover ever to a point where it loses its luster, like those jerkoffs who end a statement with, "I love it," or "UMMMMM,"

But alas, one cannot save the world, only hide within it,

And so ye mateys, enjoy this latest entry into the Yakuza Cover series, I'm just itching to see who we end up doing next.................



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