The first wave of Mars, Cobra Kai, Sui-Cycles and Darth Tydal were shipped out today, and I'm packing and shipping the second wave as we speak, with more stacks and stacks of supplies arriving to coat your comics with that blend of savior faire and perverted pleasures,

Me and Varese will be hanging tomorrow to do the signing and numbering of the LTD ED Disney Books, and I'll be putting up the videos on the next Kickstarter, as well as Facebook, IG and YouTube Live for your entertainment,

And speaking of which, sometimes when I let Master Varese off the leash to create a new cover, even I have been known to come to regret that decision, especially when my pinup becomes a Lactating Lagoon of Lounge Love,

For those of you only deciding on one cover, or those of you who have to have them all, even you will have to agree this one is completely unique,

Happy Shopping,



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