Nebraska and Anti-Valentine's 4 are at the printer and shall be in my hands and then yours within a fortnight, so let's discuss some new business,

When both looking for new artists and checking on the latest trends in indie comics, the one thing I see over and over again are what I refer to as, VANILLA COVERS,

Now I'm not saying that if giant tits aren't swinging and a butt isn't shaking that makes a bad cover, it's just that some covers just don't have imagination beyond trying to be edgy or mature,

I always attribute it to making the rounds at comic conventions and always seeing soooo many artists who always go for safe shots like Darryl Dixon from the Walking Dead holding a crossbow in a menacing pose, 

Problem is, I'm looking for the one artist who has an imagination and has Darryl maybe shooting an arrow through a one armed zombified Green Arrow,

But I never see it, I always see those large portions of Vanilla Ice Cream,

Now I love me some Hagen Daz Vanilla, but I also like some toppings, maybe even some Magic Shell, and I attribute that same feeling to artists,

The second part of that equation is to find an artist who doesn't flinch when you shoot an idea at them, like flaming milk shooting out a hot demons tits,

Enter Jose Varese,

I was writing the latest chapter of Zeldara and I had a funny scene where Tinkerbell is caught spying on the Amazons in Themiscyria,

When she refuses to talk or reveal any details of Darth Disney's plan, she is entered into the tight and smelly confines of Wonder Woman's Sarlaac Pit,

So while I was laughing my ass off writing that scene, a naughty cover concept popped in my head, and I immediately woke up Jose in the middle of the night, ala Stan & Steve in those Spiderman Prime Days,

I told him I wanted a perspective shot of Tinkerbell being jammed up into Wonder Woman's Skizz, and as you can see, he didn't disappoint,

And just to make sure I am not shut down completely by Disney and Warner Brothers, This Cover is only on sale during this Kickstarter!!!,

It won't be in my stores, and it is only on sale for the rest of this campaign,

Happy Shopping my friends,



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