Pixi Runner #1 -- A Story of Sex, Drugs & Aliens

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A Disgraced Space Ranger turned Drug Dealer forms a bond w/ a Gifted Girl on an adventure to Neptune to drop off a Mermaid Egg.

Celebrate the debut of a new series from Faro's Lounge,

Set in the year 2776 -- The United Empire has successfully colonized 95% of our solar system, with our story opening up on the last piece of the frontier, the planet Pluto,

Colonization Preparations and Terra-Forming are left up to the top job in the galaxy -- The Space Rangers -- who train at The Academy on MARS -- the West Point of the Galaxy,

Space Rangers patrol and live on all the moons in the galaxy, with all the Planets past The Asteroid Belt still serving as The Wild West while Earth, Venus, and Mercury have evolved into Futuristic Pleasure Resorts and Prison Colonies,

With the trillions of lives spread throughout the galaxy, our story comes in at the beginning of a friendship,

We have Keith Kenney, a former Space Ranger who was disgraced and dishonored in a scandal and forced into exile beyond The Asteroid Belt, where he makes a living as a courier of the top commodity in the solar system -- PIXIS

PIXIS are the ultimate mind inducing drug in the form of beautiful naked Tinkerbell fairy who flies into your brain after emerging out of a broken diamond,

Diamonds that come from the deepest, most dangerous storms on the Planet Jupiter, which for some mysterious unknown reason, are accessible only to Keith,

24 pages FULL COLOR -- with a special PIXI Mature Cover by Faro's Lounge South Beach Miami Artist Jose Varese