Limited Edition Art -- Diana the Doomslayer -- Reed Richards -- Signed & Numbered

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Each Signed & Numbered Poster comes in a protective toploader and includes YOUR CHOICE of Faro's Lounge 11 x 17 Poster or Faro's Lounge Sketchbook or Comic

From the smoky sultry halls of Faro's Lounge comes a line of Limited Edition Posters to celebrate the fine art of the Mature Mashup,

This piece features two of the greatest tropes from my childhood as The Fantastic Four clashes with The Justice League in this gorgeous twisted piece of art.

Reed Richards, twisted and manipulated with his extreme elastic powers due to his exile on the Planet Jupiter from his long time rival turned Sith Lord -- Darth Doom. 

Only after he is rescued and seduced by the ultimate amazon Diana Prince, as she finally crashes my MCU in order to kick some ass and chem some bubblegum.

11 x 17 Mature Poster Art by Jose Varese


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