What a weekend of shit -- I saw Superg----grrr uh Captain Marvel and woke up early on a Sun to go to a beach clean up only to see no one but myself show up to watch my current dream girl run around the sand in a bikini,

And so me being the only one there you'd think I'd be the hero, nope just another Knight trapped in a bad Jorah Mormont Zone with my lovely Khalessi,

Fuck my life,

With nothing but frustration, fear and the unholy list of annoying older cougars on my LG rolodex who want me to come over and fuck them while they lay there mannequins, in essence turning me into a fucking glorified talking dildo,

Albeit a gigantic, perfectly crafted talking dildo,

So I got the blues, and while I'm usually the one who brings my crew out of their mental mine holes, today it was as always, Master Jose Varese who helped give me some sage advice about how to properly deal with this writer's block brought on by falling in love with a gal half my age,


So mother fucker get a hooker indeed Master V,

So now that I'm back off the BBL (Blue Balls List) it's time to get back to fuckin business,

First off, planning to start my YouTube Channel this week, those of you who like Fantasy Sports, Art Commissions and the connection between the two and how I live my entire life according to Daily Fantasy Sports Rules, I think you will find me to be a delightful way to start your day, the combined flavor of a nice herbal tea and a Gorgeous Tattooed Puerto Rican Stripper's plump ass running up and down your lips,

On the shows I'll be promoting my STRONG SLEEVE SHIRTS, and I always promise if I don't wear it out and about, then I won't fucking promote it, as you see above my BOSTON SPORTS SHIRT arrived in the mail, and I have a XANDER BOGERTS -- X-Man -- NOAH SYNDERGAARD -- Thor Hammer Time and a MIKE TROUT -- Trout Season Shirt on the way to wear, slice at the neck and display on my show while ranting and raving above Love & Lineups,

Grab the Boston Shirt here, so many color and font combos, it will kick your ass NOMARRRRRR,


And as always before we go, here is the latest update for the newest Strip Poker Poster Quarter Finals, SUE STORM vs HARLEY QUINN vs PSYLOCKE,

Grab your copy on the new Faro Kickstarter,





Psylocke, Harley Quinn and Sue Storm play Superhero Strip Poker

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