Happy Friday my friends, 

I've been talking to a colleague of mine at the lounge, who works with content creators on building up their YouTube presence, and after witnessing one of my not more proud moments where I may or may not have been having a temper tantrum because some stupid fuckin running back decided to not show up on the day where I spread his stupid ass across 75% of my lineups that he has now dragged through the ground and forced me into a long weekend of shaving old men's privates for silver dollars,

He wants me to start doing more vlogs on the tube, preferably relating to my two favorite subjects, fantasy sports and fantasy art,

So stay tuned my friends, perhaps instead of constantly making you read my shit, you can watch it as well, as I continue to chase my own personal treasure, that elusive Pixi who BTW always found new and inventive ways to interject and involve herself in my conversation,

Sometimes a hug is a hug, and making more of it seems more lip service to our ego then fact, 

But ask yourself this question, which fuckin story would you rather read, the one where I spend the rest of my life in the friend zone, or the one where she ends up screaming my name in seven different dead languages,

Until then my friends I have another form of buried treasure,

I shipped out the third wave of Riverdale packages today, and I discovered that I have in my possession


And here I thought they were all claimed,

I'm selling these babies for $50 a pop, you can paypal me at my usual digital box -- FKHooligan@gmail.com

I'm looking to sell off all 7 asap so I can get them in the mail on Monday morning and order another crate of envelopes to house more Faro kittens and pups,

And now that all that pesky sales and snails nonsense is out of the way, here's tonight's update of the new Faro's Lounge Superhero Strip Poker Poster Quarter Final Round -- featuring SUE STORM -- HARLEY QUINN & PSYLOCKE,

Pledge here for your copy,





Psylocke, Harley Quinn and Sue Storm play Strip Poker at Faro's Lounge

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