Alas, another Kickstarter is about to end, and I am happy to report the interiors are finished so I will put in the order on Fri morning so we can get those bitches out to us as fast as mutantly possible,

The first batch of Riverdale books and the last of two batches of the leftover Scooby Winterfell books went out in the mail today, and more batches will follow every day until Betty & Veronica are gracing all of your mantles,

Once the orders are put in for the Valentine's Covers, Jose will be back on the commissions list for all your patience peoples, and he will be going in and out while working on the new Strip Poker Poster that you will be voting on, as well as the Cover for the next Faro Kickstarter, which will feature JUDGE DREDD & SHE-RA in a MEGA CITY MASHUP,

Stay tuned true believers, and check out the Kickstarter before the clock is up




Squirrel Girl in the Slave Leia Steel Bikini

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