Ah my dearest Sue, if only you knew how much I hate friggin Sharks,

Today I played 6 lineups at $10 a pop for the 2K Draftkings is giving away in Spring Training Games,

3 lineups won and 3 lineups lost,

So I won back exactly what I lost,

And The Vicious Cycle That Is My Fucking Fantasy Sports Existence Continues On Its Sliding Freaking Fudgin Scale,

So on that note, lets get to the fuckin new birds mates,

The Faro's Lounge Anti-Valentine's Sketchbook is about to end and it is some of the deepest darkest shit I've ever put down on paper,

My man Captain Christos San Giorgio killed it on the interiors and with the art and stories contained inside I promise to give you exactly what was promised in the brochure,


So now that sappy commercial nonsense is out of the way, let's talk about the future, 

The rest of the Ohio & North Carolina Books will be going out this week, and once I check inventory for any missing posters or sketchbooks that may have sold out during last month's blitz, I will make the necessary orders and get the second and final wave of books out to you,

As for the original art owners, I will be meeting up with the Master Jose Varese this weekend at Comic Con Revolution in West Palm Beach, so if you happen to be there on Saturday and see a stoned looking psychopath walking around in a Faro's Lounge Strong Sleeve Shirt, come say hello, and if you don't smell, I'll even let you hit my pen :)

We have one more month of Faro's Lounge Sketchbook's before we move on to the next chapter of comics in the FARO TIME TRAVEL SAGA,

The cover for next month is a MATURE MARYLAND MEGA CITY MASHUP which will feature the ultimate Apocalyptic Alliance of JUDGE DREDD & SHE-RA,





Judge Dredd & She-Ra

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