Happy Tuesday my friends and foes, I literally tortured my poor colorist all night in Brazil, and after 13 different versions to play with we got the color schemes down with the clown,

First up you see the RUBI ROJO SPECIAL, featuring Red & Gold Spider-Woman in THE KISS with Carnagized Jessica,

That baby of course is only available in The Blue Harvest Section of my store, away from those prying WB eyes still hunting for skunks while Marvel starts measuring their offices,


Then of course we have the ZELDARA 3 -- VENOMIZED VARIANT -- after finishing the final colors on this Cover, we went with the Black & White SPIDER-WOMAN with a Venomized Jessica, which will be SIGNED & NUMBERED up to 66 by Cover Master Jose Varese, available on the new Kickstarter,




So then I decided to play around a little more and add a dash of Spider-Gwen to the mix,

So we have a new 12 x 18 Poster Set to add on to the equation for those of you who prefer your Symbiotes in a wall art format,

You can have both posters back 2 back for a Kickstarter Special $22 -- hope to see you there,


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