Happy Monday Mofos, and here's the color update for the Rubi Rojo Special, featuring an Upside Down Kiss Tribute with Jessica & MJ as SW, you know we have to talk in code now, especially with the WB/DC/CWhatever the fuck they're called now constantly watching, 

For those who still haven't picked up their copy yet, remember no Kickstarter for these babies, they've been moved to the Shopify store,


And of course, don't forget the new Kickstarter, I have been flirting with the idea of doing a VENOM VARIANT for the new ZELDARA book, and keeping the number to a nice demonic digit like 66, signed & numbered by my man Varese, and maybe it's in the ADD-ON Section of the Zeldara Kickstarter right here, you know MAYBE, but first I think I will change the background to White for the Venom Variant, and I may have my man change the Spider-Woman MJ to a Spider-Gwen Blonde or maybe the outfit to a Black Cat or Spider-Woman Black, I'm still tinkering,


Happy Shopping,




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