It's amazing how a cover commission can manifest into a character that will be with us for many covers to come.

I guess that's how great characters are built, first from a desire to take a fantasy from history and hire a major bull talent to draw it to a point where you almost cringe from how authentic a great artist can make your vision.

I spend a lot of time plugging up your email box with pictures and hype, constantly telling how Faro's Lounge has the best comics with the best artists,

It's one thing to boast, but I've always believed that I stand behind my words, no matter how outlandish or offensive.  Being in comics and art has given me the opportunity to connect with so many readers with so many different journeys and dilemmas, and talking with all of you has helped me with my own dilemmas, 

The most important thing to be with your readers is honest, since you're the ones paying for my bills and vices, vices that make me a better writer,

My current dilemma is creating a good enough ALIEN VILLAIN for my new Sci-Fi Series PIXI RUNNER, coming soon to a Kickstarter near you,

Set 1,000 years in the future, where we have colonized 99% of our solar system, this is my attempt at doing what STAR WARS SHOULD'VE DONE -- grown up and gave us a great fun sci-fi romp,

So I have my plot, my characters and my issue #1 and cover concepts all done and done but I am missing one major detail,


I don't want them gross, I want some monster like qualities but not too over the top,

There must be opportunity for interaction, even of a physical nature beyond weapons,

For some reason I have a lean towards a human reptilian hybrid, but I don't want to fall into a V situation,

Either way, what do you think of that lovely DRAGON PRINCESS BELOW, thing she would make the perfect figurehead for my new villains, 

Your feedback is greatly appreciated,

Until then, check out our latest Kickstarter, and as always, stay focus, stay fucked,



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