To color or to sepia, that is the question.

So to update you minions and monarchs on all of our latest books and commissions,

Jose Varese is finishing the coloring on the FARO'S LOUNGE FRENCH VARIANT COVER

He will then be working on the inks and finish for the FARO SPRING 1867 COVER -- SUMMER & GHOST RAIDER before starting the DARTH APPRENTICE & PARISIAN STRIP POKER CATHOUSE 11X17 MATURE POSTERS, as well as a DEADPOOL LYNDA CARTER CALIPORNIA VARIANT COVER that will be an Ebay exclusive (more to come on that)

After that fearsome foursome, he will head back to the MASTER COMMISSIONS List before I bring him back on to start the FARO'S LOUNGE NORTH CAROLINA COVER (BETTY & VERONICA) & NEW YORK COVER (GWEN & MARY JANE)

I look forward to showing you all the sordid updates as they arrive.


Savy Lim is finished with all pencils and inks on FARO SPRING 1867 -- after a brief respite he will start the pencils, inks and colors for FARO SUMMER 1867 & PIXI RUNNER -- our brand new title

Rob Epps has 15 pages left to color and letter,

Emil Cabaltierra has started both his commissions list from the South Carolina & current CaliPornia campaigns,

Hique has finished the CaliPornia Cover and has now moved on to the ARIZONA COVER -- (ZELDARA V RACHEL RAIN)

Hope this update wets your appetite for our ever expanding universe, join us on our current Kickstarter

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