Happy Humps -- I'm about to gorge on some Smores French Toast and Double OJ -- delivered to my door by a cook from Jersey in the building, and the dog can have what's stuck to my shirt,

So sometimes it's cool to have them damn New Yorkers filtering down here, even if I deny that I'm an official Floridian after so many years down here, fuck my blood is getting very sensitive to cold, one gust of wind and I become a expletive heavy grumpy and still horny old man.

But you didn't come for this verbal shit, you came for some cane.  And with Kickstarter pulling some weird shit on changing limit numbers, I oversold my LTD Four Horsemen books by 5, which occasionally happens but now their new system software is locked so whenever I try to change a number on an LTD it locks, so my LTD 100 becomes an LTD 125,

However, it did remind me of my first LTD 125, and coincidentally one of my Ebay buyers hit me up on Facebook to confirm the number, because he just paid $300 for this baby on Ebay,

My first LTD 125 -- A Knullified Mickey, and I'm not gonna lie, that really gives me a fuckin jump in my undies to realize I have a fuckin comic that just sold for 3 bills,

And with several requests for store exclusives that SOLD OUT over a year ago, I know it only goes up from here,

So with that said, I have 22 of these babies now available, my PIXI RUNNER 4 Variant with the X-Men Four Horsemen Mature Tribute Cover,

We have Emma as Ric, Rogue as Arn, Psylocke as Tully and Magik bring up the back as Windham,

Happy Shopping, and of course all book packages come with the Grogu Yoga Laptop Sticker,




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