Happy Thursday my friend, so with things picking up, I really pissed off my buddy by having to back out on the bowling league today.

I'm not sure if any of you are bowlers, but to be honest, league bowling is a pain in the ass.  You bowl, then you have to fuckin wait till everyone else goes while you crack the same jokes and make conversation, all while losing your momentum while you wait.  I mean, I'm used to bowling in a rapid movement, and really getting some exercise.  But that's not the only reason,

Even before covid, I can't stand high fives, especially when you seemingly have to do it with every fuckin spare or strike.  It's one thing when it's your own teammate, I mean of course, but when the other team now feels the need for fuckin high fives and slaps after every strike or spare, that's just too much too much touching with fuckin strangers.  

My theory on life has always been simple, if I can smell your breath and we're not fuckin, then you are too fuckin close......

So with that, I'm off the bowling team, but I'm still dragging my ass to softball, so now that I've vented, back to business,

The next round of Zeldara's went out today, so only one more load to go as I continue my war with the post office.  It may be time to start making nice with UPS because the members of the USPS are really making my ass chap with the arguments over pickups,

Ahhh, being an entrepreneur sometimes looks a lot better in the brochure.

So another glitch in the gears, Kickstarter apparently has changed their software, so now for the first time since they started in 2013, you can't change a Limited Number on a reward once you have set it.  So for some reason I can't change the number of LTDs from 150 back to 100, and if I change them again, they just go up more.  So until I hear back from Kickstarter, this LTD is now a 150 for the time being.  So I am throwing in another laptop sticker to sweeten the pot for the LTD packages.  

Details to come on the design, I was considering doing something cool with Rambo, T2 Arnold-91, Robocop and Judge Dredd standing over the rubble of Disney World like the 4 Horsemen.

But again, you know me and my ideas.

So for now, check out the finished colors on the SCARLET WITCH CENTERFOLD SET, starring that scary mother Wanda.  

Any and all sets are available in the ADD-On section,

Happy Shopping,




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