Evening my friends, so I know I promised no more Slave Leia Covers -- but let's face facts, we live in a country run by liars -- haha bet you thought I was going to go on a rant about politics -- fuck that shit,

We're talking about some Slave Leia Action,

One of the best aspects of my jobs is the constant pressure to concoct the coolest cover commissions in the game, which is filled with so many talented artists, one of which is Master Penciller Jose Varese,

I have a great team of magic makers, which always goes beyond a typical email or message just saying "This Character, This Pose, This Outfit, Two Variants,"

Sometimes the coolest part is starting with the blueprint of an idea and then let it manifest and spread based on comedy and conversation,

So Jose and I were going on and on about how much we hate Disney and Bob Iger and of course wishing we could resurrect Lee Harvey Oswald and tell him that Kathleen is the last link in the Kennedy Legacy, and then of course the topic turned to the newest debacle in the guise of the Rey Skywalker Movie or Trilorgy lol or whatever and whenever it should end up shoehorned onto Disney Plus with a rumored Luke Skywalker cameo to trick us into watching, not me of course, I literally canceled my Disney Plus 5 par-seconds after Kenobi concluded,

So while we were chatting the concept of a Slave Rey cover to close out this Kickstarter came up, and we kept trying to figure out who to put in the frozen carbonite,

That new director who likes to men uncomfortable,


Kathleen Kennedy,

Nope, I would give her the Count Dooku Special,

What about Rose Tico,



And then Jose said it,

"Can you imagine the look on George Lucas' face when he first saw The Force Awakens??"

And just like that ladies and gentlemen, a new cover is born,

Happy Hunting,




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