Happy Saturday my friends -- the playoffs are about to begin -- and I have a TV to yell at, a God to curse at and neighbors to alienate -- ahh why does it all have to end -- I hate basketball, and hockey, and soccer, and just anything where the dudes don't get hurt, and don't give me that MMA crap, they just roll around,

So back to business, here is the color update for Poster #2 on this Kickstarter campaign -- The Spider-Verse Sui-Cycle -- starring Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen,

This baby is the last piece of Original Art up for grabs, so I look forward to giving it a good home, besides my wall, which witnesses horrific things, from a very lonely writer who talks to a dog,

So besides that Spider-Art, I also ordered two new Harley Blank Cover Commissions, since we have a new Harley Book coming next month,

For those of you interested parties, I ordered a Tekken Harley and Madame Web Harley in honor of the new Sony Disast--er I mean movie coming out,

Happy Hunting,




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