I just ordered new Henley Shirts and New Avengers Socks,

Why have I done this?  I'm a fuckin bum moonlighting as a wanna be professional writer living off Kickstarter and Ebay profits all trying to cover up the receipts so I can write every bill off till the IRS comes and locks me up for the second time,

Happy Tuesday Mother Fuckers,

I'm buying new clothes, I'm smoking less herb, well at least I will be after this Kickstarter is over,

Point is, am I not always preaching that the constant belief and work leads to evolution of one self and that can never be lip service,

Every night I made a wish unto the night sky, wondering who and if anybody was listening, 

Asking for prosperity is a daunting task, where the only guarantee is wasted breath on a imaginary force, 

But it's amazing when you actually start to see the universe giving back in strange ways,

I begged for angels, I got two fluttering by my head on a nightly basis, and I should have no business playing the role I do in their lives, and yet here I am, writing from a couch while I wait for their shifts to end, and no one knows where the night goes from there, but it always ends in a smile,

I want to look better, I want to smoke less so I get smarter, business smarter, I no longer want to rent I want to own, I no longer want to drift, I want to plant,


Because life got better, 

Because I got patient, I had nothing else but that;s not why,

It's because I finally understood the meaning of life,

Not looking to save, just finding ways to make more, make more when you're sleeping, and not some bullshit product that makes you lie for a living,

Your product, your art, your stories, your blood, and now your conquests, and the hope of finding new and exciting treasures that make me risk everything for a story to charge you for knowing that you are buying something real,

With only 14% left to go, help me continue this adventure in warped reality,




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