It's Tuesday and we are standing steady at 84%,

With Savage Zelda up top and Sue Storm slipping in on the bottom, this particular piece takes me back to a great place of reading comics when I was a kid,

The WHAT IF? Series from Marvel was the shit, and now that the MCU has pretty much created a multiverse inside their own Cinematic World, in such a creative way that pretty much should be sending DC Executives leaping from their windows circa NYC 1929 due to their ineptitude to equal Marvel's dominance,

But enough diatribe, let's get to the point,

Going back to the What If where Spiderman joins the Fantastic Four, I decided to go a different way and have Peter Parker charm his way into Sue Storm's heart ala James Bond and seduce the Storm to roll as his squeeze,

I believe the brilliant art below helps capture the climax of this storyline, and I know that's a stop I'd like to make on the multiverse monorail, 

So with that said, I have another 16% out there, help me collect and I promise to end the nightly assault of pixies and fairies sent to your house to play tricks with your underwear.



Sue Storm joins Spider-Man for a Mature Multiverse Romp

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