I'm writing this from the perch of Faro's Corner, a little writing spot that a beautiful Pixi constructed at the Lounge for lost lonely wild artists seeking some social solitude, if that even possibly exists,

I'm surrounded by beautiful young girl drawing and searching for patches and markers and knives to slash and burn and bless vintage and beat up denim to wear to a club, dance around and sweat, then put in a box, sign it and send off to a lucky buyer,

And every time I stare at the gorgeous figures of these young angels, I always manage to repeat this to myself,


And so did you,

Thanks again my friends, 

This is your man Faro feeling happy and humble as I show off the latest commission from the busiest man in show business Jose Varese and She-Hulk riding a bloody Dragon from the man behind this month's and next month's Kickstarter cover, Emil Cabaltierra,

See you on the other side of the rainbow my friends,




Alien Vs Harley Quinn

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