Happy Monday folks, I lost my ass on the Fantasy Football Wire, like any of you are fuckin surprised,

What is it about game of chance that gets ruined when asshole sharks clog up the works, like that mattered my pics ate a dick lol

So out of the garbage and onto the new, new colors for new posters that is,

Up top we have Zeldara, the Mistress of Mars in her ultimate tri breasted Slave Leia Steel Bikini from the Steel Bikini obsessive compulsive Emil Cabaltierra, who will be doing next month's cover for Faro's American Safari Halloween Edition, featuring a Scooby Slasher Cover with the gang going toe to toe with Mr Jason Voorhees,

Until then love the poster below of the Daphne and Velma riding high and low on a Magical Mystery Chopper,

And don't forget to pick up your copy of the New York Edition,




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