Happy Tuesday my friends, anyone attached to this fuckin Fani Willis case, cuz I can't seem to watch anything else on Youtube,

What I want to know is who got to this Terrance Bradley dude, because that is the firm picture of an Emasculated Man,

So let's go get our balls back shall we, so I just finished packing and shipping the final Faro 1868 package, so check your emails for tracking codes and naked pics of me and my dog, er wait, shit, I send those by acc--

So it turns out the Printer sent me an extra 25 books, unless I fucked up 25 orders, which would be a record for me,

For those of you who missed out, I have this baby up in the ADD-ON section -- 25 for $25

And I will have the counts on how many Snow Black Holofoils I have left once I am done packing the Texas Kickstarter, I am pretty sure we completely SOLD OUT of the Chainsaw Holofoils -- yowsa!!!

One of the backers also brought to my attention that I didn't feature a PAST SAFARIS SPECIAL on this Kickstarter, something I've done on all the American Safari Kickstarters, so I have also fixed that and even brought the price do to a special numerology friendly $22,

Happy Shopping my friends, 




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