Happy Hump Day, I just finished wrapping the last Texas package, so check your emails for tracking codes and the things left to send are the original art,

So now that final counting is done and defaulted or unanswered pledges are accounted for, now we have the leftover Holochromes, which have been getting me multiple fanboy harassment messages on my Instagram,

So my count is as follows and here are the links, and every Holochrome purchase in my store comes with a complimentary mystery book from the Faro archives,

SNOW BLACK Holochrome -- 16 left -- 


And for those of you into Numerology, I got my first 0/150 variant from the printer, so whoever is down with it, here is the link for SNOW BLACK 0


My LAST TWO TEXAS CHAINSAW HOLOCHROMES -- with Black Widow and Wonder Woman


My FINAL HALLOWEEN HOLOCHROME -- with Psylocke and the Spider Girls,


My last copy of the Holochrome YAKUZA SUE STORM,


My final Suede Rey Combo -- with truly feels cool as fudge,


And finally for you K-Mart Shoppers, my last 5 SUEDE REYS -- Feel the Force Baby!!!




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