Happy Sunday my friends, my Bills don't play till Monday Night so while I lose the rest of my money this week on Draftkings I have to deliver some yummy art and news,

First off, I am still fucking astounded at how fast the Venomized Mickeys SOLD OUT, 100 copies were gone in friggin 4 hours, so I knew that had to be addressed,

I was talking to my man Master Varese about where he would keep his secret stash of Venomized Mickeys, and then our discussion turned to both a chat about doing a follow up to that cover along with how awesome the latest episode of The Mandalorian was,

So one thing turned to another and we went back and forth with ideas from Grand Admiral Scrooge McDuck to SNOW BLACK & The Seven Symbiotes,

Finally after much arguing and death threats, we came to our concoction,

So first things first, The Dirty Disney Book will be adding FOUR MORE PAGES as a Stretch Goal, so it will now be 28 Pages of wholesome dirty nostalgic naughty Knicks, Knats and Knots,

And the cover will be MATURE AHSOKA TANO, who will be confronting, either as Slave or Savior, to EMPEROR MICKEY on his IMPERIAL THRONE,

And he will be flanked by his new Apprentice,

DARTH GROGU------------aaand there may just be a little VENOM sneaking around,

The books are available now on the new Faro Kickstarter, and we will be doing only 125 of these babies to give those of you who missed out on the Venomized Mickey as well as those who want to add this baby to their current pledge packages,

If you want this lovely added, just add $44 to your current pledges, and if you want this baby solo or with any of our current packages, then I have those pledge packages set up as well and will change the numbers as people add,

I will have the sketches up soon, and for those of you Blade Runner fans, I added three new Blank Cover Commissions to my order list,

Blade Runner Harley -- Rorschach Joker

WitchBlade Runner 2029 -- with Knightmare Batman

Ahsoka Tano Vs Psylocke -- Jedi Ninja Battle,

Happy Hunting,





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