Happy Thursday you structure deprived freaks of nature,

While I'm waiting and torturing poor Ed to finish his Faro lettering, and as always waking Jose Varese up at 3am Lee-Ditko style in order to discuss Dirty Disney mashups, I've also been losing my ass in Fantasy Sports, learning what the hell Cryptocurrency is and have finally finished the script for ZELDARA 2 and got the pages going on that,

And not sure if we mentioned the 4 extra pages in the DIRTY DISNEY book this month, so I decided to show off another quick page as part of the 4 page boost,

However, should we break 20 grand, I may have to add another 4 pages, we shall see my friends,

Right now I have my Jabba Fantastic Four and Frozen Cap Art that I moved to big Laptop Stickers, I'll be adding those to everyone's packages as a stretch goal thanks,

Up above you got the inks for the FARO's LOUNGE CHOPPER SPECIAL, our FULL COLOR ART COLLECTION of Chopper Pieces over the years,

If you missed out on it from last month's Kickstarter, this baby will on this Kick for the special price of a $25 add on to your current pledge, and I've gotten Kickstarter to approve add ons to your packages now,

Oh for those of you Commission Clone Wars lovers, I just added a SLAVE AURRA SING & FROZEN CAD BANE to my Queue,

Happy Hunting,




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