Happy Thursday my friends, I am about to load off on a culinary tour of New England, but I am happy to report all Nebraska and Anti-Valentine's 4 packages are on their way to your doorsteps, 

As always check in with me for tracking numbers if you don't see your santa babies dropping boobs and noobs in your path,

I am also ordering up the Zeldara V books and posters tonight and sending out the Digitals this week and weekend, so keep your pants tight and your goblets light,

As for new business we have hit the halfway mark in Faro's American Safari at 25 states, so it's time to go over the roller coaster with a visit to the culinary capital of Louisiana, where I have a Popeye the Pimp cover to go along with our biggest Centerfold yet...............

Available in Slave Leia Steel Bikini, Classic Loincloth and of course..............All Natural and All GIANT!!!!

Happy Shopping,




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