Happy Sunday my friends, I am about to put the kibosh on my career as a fantasy baseball guru, because if one more damn pitcher is shut down in the middle of a shutout because of a fuckin pitch count, I'm going to just give up and watch fuckin cricket,

Well now that that bitterness is over and my vacation is over, I'm back on the desk and fighting and threatening my building's postal workers for the giant load of packages they forgot before I left town, so I apologize for anyone still waiting on their Kickstarter packages that were supposed to go out last weekend but were delayed by what can only be deemed as stupidity of someone who I obviously need to bribe more, especially in the Biden age,

But while I bitch, check out the latest installment into our ever long running American Safari series, this time we get my all time favorite character of my childhood, along with Jose Varese doing the impossible and making Olive Oil bangable,

Take that Frosk!!!!

Happy Shopping, whoever grabs the original art of this baby gets a special bonus surprise,




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