Happy Festivus my ass, I have no voice left in my throat from screaming at my TV all day yesterday,

The fuckin Dolphins, the damn game was being played quite literally miles from my place, I was literally hearing the crowd noise live over my screams.

Put it this way, I was going into the final round of the Million Dollar Best Ball tournament on Draftkings, and it was down to me and one more team going into the final qualifier, literally the last round before going up for the million,

I had Tyreek Hill, Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson Jr and Mike Gesicki -- FOUR FUCKING DOLPHINS

The guy in 2nd place had ONE FUCKING DOLPHIN, Jaylen Waddle,

AAAAAAAAAnd let's move on, because needless to say my neighbors are all avoiding me in the hallway because they not only think I may be a psycho, they're just plain out convinced,

And on to new business, because I ain't a fuckin millionaire...........yet,

Up above you see the votes have been counted, and it wasn't even close. The X-Men's Emma Frost takes down Faro's Lounge First Ever SUPERHERO STRIP POKER TOURNAMENT -- she is our first champ and the center of this month's centerfold.

As always it's important to collect feedback from you art adorers, and I have to agree on your choice considering the first time I saw Emma Frost was on the Marvel Universe Series 1 Hellfire Club Team Card.

I remember looking at it as a prepubescent 12 year old heading off to sleepaway camp, and yes, I did credit her with guiding me through puberty, as I spent my life trying to find a girl who would wear that Emma Frost Corset.  

It's been a blessed life.........

As always this Poker Champion Centerfold is the centerpiece of the new Faro Kickstarter, stamp your cursor down below,


And now for the final entry into our Holiday Holofoil Sinister 6 -- Squatting Jessica SILVER!!!

Available in the Faro's Lounge store, and I will be getting the first batch of books to go out once we pass over the new year, as I'll be getting the books at the same time as the new Poker books.

Until then, happy new year, and may 2023 bring you fortune, glory and a beautiful disaster.




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