Happy Tuesday my friends, once again I finished 8 points out because for some reason Justin Herbert with every goddamn weapon at his disposal under the Sun, couldn't throw a TD pass if someone was holding his family at knifepoint, which I was considering doing if it wasn't so friggin cold outside......and I'm in fuckin Florida.

So while I while away the Floridian winter and look for any faint hint of the Sun, take a gander at the finished inks for the Poker Championship Cover,

We know now that Emma Frost has emerged as the champion, and this lovely art filled program is the perfect addition to any true players' coffee table.  

I'm not lying when I say one of my neighbors just bought a bunch for his new upgraded apartment.  And I recently saw him at the pool with his current girlfriend, and her best friend right behind her.

He hit me and hugged me with a bright smile, letting me know that the ladies BOTH loved the naughty art. And that they gave him the greatest XXX-Mas gift of all,

That's right fuckers, Faro's Lounge Art makes 3-Ways!

And all available on the new Faro Kickstarter.


And for those of you already looking towards the new year, we are going to be collecting all the past years SUI-CYCLE Art, and of course making way for new Joy-Riding Topless Duos.

First up for next month, Darth Talon and Ayala Secura, on a Darth Maul Chopper,



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