I woke up this morning with a giant smile on my face, as you see, my entire apartment has been taken up with South Dakota, Happy Harley Days, Michigan, Zeldara and more posters of boobs then a Russ Meyer film,

So with no where to sleep I had to bunk up with a friend, who just so happened to be a tall tattooed stripper in Fort Lauderdale,

The things I do for you mother fuckin readers, 

Writer's Life Baby,

Ok, so now that Pooh Bear got some honey I have already sent out the first wave of packages and the rest will be going out this wknd and monday till all babies have reached their new homes,

So while we are doing that on to new business,

First off the ANTI-VALENTINE's SKETCHBOOKS are being finished as we speak, then Jose will finish the DIANA GALACTIC STRIPPER POSTER and that campaign will be off to the printer,

For those of you who missed out on these beautiful Jessica Rabbit Mashup Covers, you can only purchase them on the newest FARO'S AMERICAN SAFARI KICKSTARTER,

$30 for either White Widow or Rabbiness Books or $50 for the set,

Speaking of the newest Kickstarter,

We are representing UTAH this month, and Jose Varese will be coming up this SUNDAY to start drawing out the cover, which is JUBILEE & THE JUGGERNAUT in the ULTIMATE MARCH MAD MAX MUTANT MATURE MASHUP,

The new featured posters will be SCARLET WITCH & SHE-HULK on a WANDA VISION CHOPPER along with the newly colored HOUSE ORGANA POSTER,

Happy Shopping my friends,




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