Happy Sunday you church going folk, 

Last night I got to enjoy the UFC fights at my local pub, I even got to know the owner and am now organizing the first ever FARO'S LOUNG INVITATIONAL SOFTBALL GAME,

Details to come, but I know this, I don't plan to make money or play well in this endeavor, but we are gonna have a hell of a fuckin time in the community,

So after the kick ass women's title fight, the Main Event sucked a large Imperial penis, however, hanging with the old school owner of the pub at his table with his old biker friends gave me a great and unique view into this paradise that is Florida,

But the real Main Event came during the fight, when there were two lesbian couples who just started not only making out, but quite literally climbing each other,

Now mind you, you hear the word lesbian and go to that awful stereotypical idea of Lilith Fair, Flannel, Anger and Crew Cuts but dude, these ladies were wonderful,

They were beautiful, happy and there were two couples, each girl with a different look of lovely, like they were chosen out of four different catalogs to hang out together in a pub for a genetic experiment,

So one couple is making out and the other is feeling each other up and I'm sitting with three old Floridian bikers who are losing their minds,

By the time the ladies were done, the shitty Main Event was over and I was five beers deeper than I originally planned and already texting strippers cuz the moms were all asleep,

Life my friends, just keep pushing,

So until I adopt a bulldog, this is your man FK, packing and shipping comics all weekend long,

Check out the almost finished colors for The Rabbiness, and here is the original art for the SCARLET WITCH & SHE-HULK on a WANDA-VISION CHOPPER,

Happy Shopping my friends,




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