Once again I'm doing my usual round of donating $100 to the charity known as Draftkings and I'm sitting in 2nd place looking at a cool $1500 as the Niners & the Giants are marching towards the locker room for halftime,

So like any red blooded dude who can't stand the useless filler and SUV commercials that make up Halftime, I went with my Fantasy Football crew to play a round of billiards at Faro's Lounge.

While waiting for the last game to finish, I decided to toss my quarter in the old vintage Ms Pac Man game in the back and made my way through about 95% of the zone before one of those prick ghosts finished me off,

What I always found funny was how excited we would get when Ms Pac Man would gulp down one of those power pellets and go all invincible for a few moments,

Then the power pellet wears off and you go running for your life again,

And then the second half began and that Ms Pac Man analogy came back to bite me in the ass,

Nick Mullens, the fill in QB of the San Francisco 49ers, was my captain last night, and all I can think about is this is his moment in front of the world, the moment where he makes mince meat of the Giants secondary and makes me $3,000 richer,

The first half he was a Maestro, and his agent must have been creaming in his pants about how much money a QB can make after one good prime time game,

The problem is, NICK MULLENS MS PAC MAN POWER PELLET wore off,

3 points in the second half

3 FUCKING POINTS in the second half,

Needless to say I didn't win the $250,000, I didn't the win $3,000 either, i think I won about $2 when it was all over, enough to buy a banana to shove up Nick Mullens stupid choking ass,

So again my friends, I am still a broke but brilliant writer and remain your humble servant,

Hope you all love the new FARO'S LOUNGE ARIZONA SKETCHBOOK -- with a Cover from HIQUE featuring ZELDARA -- The Mistress of Mars vs RACHEL RAIN -- The Mistress of Saturn,

Who will prevail,

Doesn't matter, we all win





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