Forget making America great again, it's all about making Star Wars great again,

First things first, we get rid of Darth Holdo aka Kathleen Kennedy, 

And if she won't go quietly, may I suggest we employ some of the darker characters of the multiverse.

Then we infect all mutated DNA aka The X-Men and we turn them all into JEDI

First up, JEAN GREY, who turns evil and becomes DARTH PHOENIX along with her apprentice, her daughter RACHEL SUMMERS aka DARTH VERANUS

Star Wars can be saved, if you only believe, and spread this link fuckers,

Happy Thanksgiving to any and all who celebrate, as for me, I'll be working and watching fantasy football, so if you happen to be hitchhiking along cyberspace, drop me a line and say hello

The new ARIZONA KICKSTARTER is kicking ass,

Darth Phoenix and Darth Veranus

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